Top Notch Immersive Audio Experience

Storm Audio represents the cutting edge of technology in the field of “digital” sound processing and acoustics. The company has actually developed an advanced platform, using the highest quality technologies and components. All products of the company are manufactured IN HOUSE in France, one by one.

It is no wonder that every year the company’s products are used as sound processors and amplifiers in the best demonstration rooms in the world by the best manufacturers in all the exhibitions in the world. It has also gained its status as a top end company in the field of private screening rooms. All of the company’s products are fully modular, which means that investing in the product is a long-term investment and the same platform can be used to upgrade to future formats, when such are launched.

Best ISE Exhibition Award
Best CES Exhibition Award
AVS FORUM top choise award

Storm Audio features

The company’s sound processors decode perfectly every possible sound format, including DTS X Pro and Dolby atmos, and use the most advanced calibration system in the world – Dirac Live, but with a unique implementation of their products – with extremely high resolution and exclusive to their products. Dirac Live – is a system for digital acoustic calibration, which comes to give a perfect denominator, for the treatment of acoustic “problems” that exist in every room / space. The algorithm actually corrects the timing and frequencies so that all the frequencies reach the listeners’ ear at exactly the same time and also implements the man correction / attenuation of certain frequencies, depending on the target graph set by the user. The end result is a surround sound processor with a uniform and accurate sound that makes the speakers simply disappear into space. The result must be heard in order to appreciate it.

Dirac Live Bass management

In early 2020, Dirac Live introduced its new plug-in – Dirac Live Bass Mangment , which is currently only applied to Storm Audio products. This is a groundbreaking algorithm that not only “looks” at each speaker as a separate unit but also schedules automatically between the speakers themselves, for the desired result in each room and in each speaker composition.

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