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This site is owned and operated by Smart Home ND Ltd. (“Cinemart – Cinemart”) (hereinafter “the site” and “us”), whose electronic address is: [email protected] to receive inquiries about us in relation to the site .
The use of the website and everything that accompanies it is subject to the conditions listed below. Please read these terms carefully. If you do not agree to the terms of these terms, you are required not to use the site or our services, and to notify us immediately, insofar as you have contacted us for assistance. Your use of the Site and contacting us will therefore be considered as consent to these terms.
In the event that you violate these Terms of Use, we will be entitled not to assist you and not to have any contact with you, without any need for notice.
If you are not of legal age, allowing you to commit to and accept these terms, do not use this site.
If it becomes clear to us that you are not of such a suitable legal age, we reserve the option to prevent you from using the site or to stop providing our assistance.
The site’s privacy policy is an integral part of these terms of use.
We use masculine in these terms for convenience. These conditions are aimed at both females and males.

The essence of the site
This site is intended to link you with various communication providers for the purpose of consumer contracting between you and the communications company or with their authorized resellers, for the purposes of these terms all that is said in relation to the communications companies must also be seen in relation to these authorized resellers. It will be clarified that these authorized resellers will be allowed to mediate between you and the communications companies, and among other things, pass on the details you provided to us and the resellers to these communications companies.
After having a conversation with you, we will transfer your personal details that you provided to us along with the details of the conversation between us or some of them to a communication company in order for you to directly offer you a contact offer with her for her services.
We are not a party to the contract between you and the communications company.
The payments made by you for the purpose of purchasing a product or service from the communications companies are payments to them and not to us.
We do not make binding representations about the program offered by the communications companies, and we have no responsibility with regard to: the quality of these companies’ services, compliance with their obligations, the content of the actual offers they will offer you, the actual financial billing from these companies, and any other details regarding your contract with them. Contracts between you and the communications company.
The information provided to you in the context of our relationship is information that we have collected to the best of our knowledge, but it may not be accurate or up-to-date. You are asked to exercise discretion, to examine things on your own, and not to rely solely on the information we have provided to you, insofar as we have provided. Information provided by us to you – provided as is, without guaranteeing quality or warranty or suitability for a particular purpose.
We can not guarantee that the media companies have contacted you to make an offer at all.
We do not guarantee that the companies to which we will transfer your details will offer you the most affordable packages for you or the best on the market.

Personal Information
For the purpose of providing our assistance, we may ask you to provide us with: personal details, contact information, your communication needs, and other details in order to provide effective assistance to you.
You undertake that the details you provide to us as part of your relationship with us are true, up-to-date and accurate.
The information you provide to us may be passed on in full to the communication companies with whom we are in contact.

Website management, assistance and use
We reserve the right to change the site, redesign it, change its features and functions, add or subtract from it, without your permission.
You undertake not to interfere with the operation of the site in all its parts, not to create a load on the site’s systems, and not to perform any act that could harm the use of others on the site or its routine activities.
The use of the website is intended for private, reasonable, respectful and fair use.
Do not “fish” data through us.
Do not do anything that is a distraction from these terms of use or from technological mechanisms that exist on the site or to help talk, or when it has to harm or interfere with the operation of the site systems, features, applications, etc. features that exist on the site. We will be entitled to restrict your use of the site in the event that we suspect such acts.Do not use any tool, software, system, algorithm, robot, method, automated or other software other than acceptable browsers to access the Site. Content may not be copied from the site by these means and may not be used to penetrate the site or its mechanisms, and no use or copying of the code embedded in it may be made.
You are not authorized to make any use of the content appearing on the site without our express written permission.
All downloading of content from the site is your responsibility, including in relation to the effect of the download on your equipment.
Although we take various steps to maintain the information you upload to the site or provided to us, we can not guarantee that there will be no unauthorized intrusion into the above information, and you take all the risks involved in providing this information. Also, we do not Guarantees that there will be no unauthorized intrusion into the site systems or our other systems.We may close the site, sell it to other operators, change its purpose, make parts of the site or the whole accessible to subscribers only.
We may condition on the payment of access to parts of the site or in its entirety, or condition on the payment of use of the features, services or means currently available on it free of charge.
We may terminate the human and / or automatic support provided by the Site in part or in whole, temporarily or permanently discontinue the existence of services, various functions or parts of the Site, and you acknowledge that you do not have and will not have any claim against us as a result.
The site may contain links to other sites. The placement of the links does not constitute an adoption or recommendation or liability in relation to what is found on those sites.

The site may be used, among other things, as a platform for displaying advertisements that contain offers to sell products or receive services.
The messages are uploaded by third parties who are independent and separate from us.
The content of the messages on the site is the responsibility of the advertiser and is not our responsibility.
The contract between an advertiser and the other party is made directly between them and not in front of us. We are not a party to transactions between users of the site.
The payments made by you for the purpose of purchasing a product or service are payments to the advertiser and not to us.
All responsibility in relation to the realization of the contract, the quality of services, the terms of the contract, etc. is the sole responsibility of the advertisers and users of the site who call them.
We do not act on behalf of any of the parties.
Keep in mind that the details appearing in data messages are constantly changing on the part of the advertiser.
The site is not responsible for examining the notices and their compliance with the law.

Intellectual Property
All copyrights involved in the site and what is on it, including trademarks, videos, music, images, graphic designs, layout of the site, content arrangement, etc., belong to us or others, who have given us permission in them. You undertake not to modify, interfere with, copy, reproduce, reverse engineer, transfer, integrate, process or distribute any part of the Site or the content contained therein.
You are not authorized to create LINK links to the Site from another site, or to perform any type of framing (FRAMING) or EMBEDING on another site in relation to the contents of this site.
The terms “Cinemart” and “Cinemart” and their accompanying logos are our trademarks. You undertake not to make any use of them without our express and written permission.

Sponsored ads
You agree to be exposed to various sponsored advertisements, which will appear on the site, including advertisements, which will be linked to the content / messages you upload to the site. These advertisements are the sole responsibility of the advertisers and we are not responsible for their design or quality.
Also, the site may contain systemic marketing articles, and you agree and are aware that these articles will not necessarily be mentioned because they are marketing and funded by any advertiser.

We may publish various surveys that you can participate in.
By voting in the survey, you agree that the result of your vote will be published on the website and passed on to third parties for marketing and sales purposes, and they may contact you following this vote.

Liability and indemnification
This site and our activities on it in all its parts, features, applications, services and contents, are as is and without any warranty. We do not guarantee: full availability, proper functioning or any function, lack of malfunctions or interruptions including deletion and collapse of information, efficiency, scope of exposures, proper appearance in all browsers, screens or devices or any other effective dimension or that the information on our part is accurate or error free. We do not guarantee that you can rely on what appears on the site or on our activities. We reject any claim of eligibility or suitability for certain purposes. The use of the site and our activities is your sole responsibility. In any case, we will not be liable: for any consequential or indirect damage, losses and loss of information.Although we take security measures on the site, we do not bear any responsibility for actually hacking the site and taking content and data from it, or disrupting it.
We, our employees, our managers, our directors and our shareholders have no responsibility for direct or indirect or consequential or punitive damages resulting from the unauthorized use of Man Dhao on our site or activities. The full risk arising from the use of the website and our activities, including in relation to the information, products and services related to them, is solely on you, and we have no responsibility to speak. In no event will we be liable for any damage or expense or loss or inconvenience or loss of information or grief and suffering as a result of such use.
You will indemnify us, our employees, our managers, our directors and our shareholders in respect of any claim or demand of a third party arising from your use of the site and our activities. weWe will do our best to notify you as soon as possible of any such claim or demand, and we will allow you to defend against it. To the extent that you do not defend yourself as required, we may do so on your behalf and you will bear all our expenses in this matter as well as all the results of the procedure or compromise as far as we reach it in this context.
Violation of these Terms of Use by you, will entitle us to the payment of compensation, inter alia, in accordance with the damages, losses, expenses, hassle, harassment, mental anguish that has been transferred to us to the public who use the site and others.

Any refusal to take any step we are entitled to take will not constitute a waiver or silence.
If any of the terms of use of this site is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the same condition will be enforced to the extent permitted by law, and this does not impair the validity and enforcement of the other terms of use of this site.
We may change these terms from time to time, please check the terms regularly.
These conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel, and the exclusive jurisdiction to discuss the conditions and all matters relating to your use and all that derives therefrom, is vested in the courts of the Central District.
Any claim between the parties in connection with this site will be filed within one year from the date the cause of action occurred.
You may not transfer any right that has arisen to you towards us in connection with the site. We may transfer our rights and obligations to others.
These terms exhaust the full agreement between us regarding the use of the site.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how we use the information you provide as part of your use of the Site or which is collected as part of your use of the Site.

Your privacy is important to us, and we want to be transparent about how we use the information you provide to us.

The information we collect about you:

Information you provided to us as part of filling out forms on the website.
Information that you have passed on to us by other means such as by e-mail, WhatsApp, telephone call, etc.
Phone calls with you that we recorded.
Information provided to us by the media companies.
When you use the website, whether using a computer, mobile phone or any other means, information arising from your use of the website, whether using a computer, mobile phone or any other means, information about your use may be collected by us, such as: dates and times you enter the site, pages You visited them, the time you were on the site or in its various parts, the products you ordered, activities you took part in and more, even through the use of technological identifiers embedded in the equipment you use and / or the technological services you use such as: IP address.We and our business partners may use “cookies” or similar technologies, which use a file that we send to the means by which you connect to the site. This file, which is visible to us and we have permission to access it, stores information on how to use your means and this helps us to adapt the site better to you. We may also store our own information in this file for this purpose. You usually have the option to block the use of “cookies” using the software with which you surf the site, but this may harm the way the site is used.
Any information you upload to the site including the companies that advertise on the site.
Any use of the means or features available on the Site.
Your polls.

How do we use the information?

We use the information we collect for the following purposes:

Operation and maintenance of the site – through the information we collect, we can carry out the activities on the site.
Notify you of site changes.
Allow you to participate in the interactive features of the site when you choose to do so, as far as they are available.
In order to perform analyzes so that we can improve and develop the site, and present you with marketing material in a more compatible manner.
To examine the use of the site, examine how the site was used.Identify for identification, prevention and treatment, prevent and treat technical problems.
To adjust the site to your preferences and characteristics.
In order to communicate with you. We may use the information to provide you with information tailored to the information we have collected about you: content, publications, newsletters or to offer you subscriptions, services and products, participation in events and the like.
To promote the safety and security of the site and our users.
In order to protect our legal rights.
For the purpose of preventing acts of fraud or prohibited activity, and for the purpose of enforcing the terms of use of the site.
To examine the users’ compliance with their obligations to us and to resolve disputes.
For research and surveys purposes.
For customer service needs.
Allow you to participate in site-related activities.
In order to allow the media companies to contact you and offer you marketing offers.

This means that we can access the information in real time, save it, publish it, archive, analyze, modify, combine it with other information we have from other sources, including information about you from third parties.

How do we share information?

We may share the information with the communications companies for consideration or without consideration.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, we may disclose information about you, if we believe that: this is required by law, or to enforce or protect the rights or rights of our customers, business partners, users or suppliers, or to enforce this policy Or the terms of use of the site.

In the event that we make or value a transaction, such as a merger, purchase by another company, or sale of all or part of its assets (as on the sale site), we may disclose or transfer all of your information, including personal information, to the receiving entity.


To the extent that you have signed your consent within the framework of the website, then you hereby give your consent to receive by e-mail, which you have given us, commercial or other advertisements and / or updates and / or any marketing material concerning our business. Notwithstanding the foregoing in this subsection, you may request from us by contacting our service centers or by return e-mail that they do not send you advertisements for the delivery of which section 30A of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982, applies.

For the avoidance of doubt, it will be clarified that the provisions of this chapter do not detract from and / or exhaust our rights to collect, use and / or provide information under any law, and that the provisions of this chapter are in addition to the provisions of any law.

For the avoidance of doubt, the foregoing does not prevent us from complying with any instruction from a competent authority to deliver and transmit information about you to it.


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