A high-quality home theater system, one that is very carefully designed and activated by the press of a button, is without a doubt one of the most exciting things in your home. Enter the article ...

1. Do not compromise on the speakers that are built in the TV

In an age where TVs are becoming thinner and thinner, the big competition between manufacturers is mainly for the smallest frame size. As the screens shrank, the speakers integrated inside them shrank too. Most often, the speakers will generally be facing backwards, installed in the back of the screen and their power will be low. In fact, you will most likely get a sound coming back from the walls, windows and what not… what’s certain – the sound will be unclear and not in a high quality.
This is the main reason why people tend to turn up the volume to a very high volume in an effort to understand what the announcer / actor is saying, which of course does not really help hearing, and causes the rest of the people in the area to find an excuse to move to a different room.

2. Go for external speakers and mute the TV speakers

External speakers allow complete freedom in locating them, and as the budget increases it is possible (with an informed choice) to improve the sound quality further and further. The sound you get will be clear, clean, and fun even at low volumes, and after a few minutes of such listening you will probably never be able to go back to hearing from the inscreen speakers.

3. Proper use of all sound formats

The movies you watch, the series you watch, are recorded in a multi-channel format. That is, while recording the soundtrack a number of microphones are scattered around. This is how the surround sound is actually created. There is an endless investment and work put into recording and editing, so that things will sound just like in reality. A quality home theater system will allow you to experience the full experience, you will feel much more “inside the movie” – you will be more excited and enjoy more. In addition, a home theater system will allow you to listen to music on a completely different level, and of course with a much cleaner sound than when using a portable speaker or a screen speaker.

4. Your movie, your series - whenever you want it

A variety of media streaming platforms, such as NETFLIX, APPLE and more, today allows free access at any given moment and without prior planning to any desired content. Gone are the days when we had to plan ahead. The content is available and of the highest quality at any given moment, which will increase the use of the system by dozens of counters

5. Quality time with family and friends

A quality home theater system will, without a doubt, be a source of quality time with family and friends. What’s more fun than watching a fascinating football game, a new movie or binging on a new series from NETFLIX? The icing on the cake is a private projection room, where you can achieve breathtaking results, ones that will make you just forget that you are actually listening to a restored sound. You can really feel like you’re part of the plot – and all without leaving home!

Decorated bedroom white bed speakers and screen

Even in your bedroom

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