Thx Baffle Wall is actually a "false" wall and one of the cornerstones of a movie theater in the Thx Certification. This element has many benefits, which we have expanded more on in this article

Bottom line

A professional cinema, will always have a Baffle Wall. This wall helps us get a precise front stage with Panning and perfect separation between every speaker and speaker. Also, the low frequencies will be much more accurate and predictable. With proper planning, it will add another 6 decibels to the low frequencies of each speaker / subwoofer. This means the equivalent of adding another speaker.

Audio and acoustics advantages

NO Speaker Boundary Interference Response - SBIR

A speaker diffuses low frequencies (bass) at 360 degrees. When installed at a certain distance from the wall, there will always be a situation where the soundwave returning from the wall behind it “collides” with the soundwave coming from the front of the speaker. If the phase is the same, it will cause unwanted amplified frequencies and worse, and If the phase is different – this will lead to cancellation, to such an extent that there may be certain frequencies that will not be heard at all.

When the speaker is installed inside the wall, the wall becomes one large speaker and there are no reflections from the front wall. This is true for all three front speakers and of course for the sub / s installed in the wall.

Acoustic "charging" of the speaker at low frequencies

When a speaker is installed inside a wall, it will provide another 6 decibels at low frequencies. Which will help us reach more easily Thx Reference Level requirements

Without diffraction

Sound wave reflections, even at higher frequencies, resulting from the installation of a speaker in an uneven line with some plain, do not exist or are reduced to a very low level.

Which raises the feel of a “big” sound and its clarity.

No reflections from the projection screen

Since the speakers are installed behind a screen, transparent acoustically (allows sound waves to pass), as in any professional cinema, reflections may form from the back of the screen, towards the speakers and then back to us. This phenomenon – will again, make the sound “messy”, less clear and real.

Each Baffle Wall – will end up with an absorbent material that handles this phenomenon.

Hollow space for bass traps

The construction of the wall allows the creation of free spaces for hidden bass traps, which in most cases will definitely help achieving a better acoustic result in the room.

Design and psychoacoustic benefits

When the speakers and subwoofers are installed behind a screen, they are actually completely hidden.

All you will see is a screen. The brain works in a way that makes it interprets the experience as more real, when it “sees” a clean room, without speakers, that remind it that they are there. Its a better setting to get right into the experience, than a messy room full of elements.

In terms of design, of course, the solution that this wall brings with it – is much more aesthetic and clean.

The wall building process

This wall is built, out of a large number of materials and in a very defined principle. The wall must be insulated and detached from the floor / ceiling and from the side walls.

The wall frame is usually built out of wooden uprights and the front of the wall will be made of a material with a mass such as two layers of gypsum + absorbent final layer. The speakers and subwoofers must be completely insulated from the wall, with the help of absorbent material

BAFFLE WALL Wooden wall with black Alcons Audio speakers
BAFFLE WALL Alcons Audio Black Speakers

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Thx Baffle Wall

Thx Baffle Wall is actually a “false” wall and one of the cornerstones of a movie theater in the Thx Certification. This element has many benefits,
which we have expanded more on in this article

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